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Esther’s Brand-New Siemens Refrigerator

Installed May 7, 2021

Esther was working on upgrading her kitchen, one of the improvements she wanted to do was install a band-new Siemens refrigerator from Ideali. The challenge faced by the team was in the installation of her unit. Her space could fit a refrigerator that is 555 mm wide, however her newly purchased Siemens refrigerator was 558 mm in width, a small difference that would result in issues with the installation. Precision of cabinet dimensions are critical for built-in appliances, and a 3mm difference is enough for the new fridge whose shell is made of hard steel to not fit within the space at all. We were able to send over an experienced team of skilled service engineers to find ways to solve a nearly possible task. Our technicians used cabinet jigs and their skills to expand the cabinet slightly, without damaging it. The gap widens slightly and gradually over 90min. Then, before the cabinet reverts to its original width, our technicians swiftly inserted and fastened the new fridge in place.

Our team was able to dismantle her old refrigerator, carry the new unit through flights of stairs without any damage, and install it into Esther’s kitchen space flawlessly. Making the impossible, possible, we find ways to solve problems and we come up with effective solutions, so all you have to do is sit back, and enjoy your purchase. We go the extra mile to make your experience of what is already an amazing product even better through quality service.


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